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poker-chips-cardsThe online games casino poker online which are often referred to as the virtual casino games are a very exciting way of entertainment which gives you freedom of enjoying enchantment of a casino right from the convenience of your home. Online casino games offer all type of games which include poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, black jack, backgammon and many more. All these games follow the same set of rules as are followed by the real casinos. The virtual casinos offer different software’s for casinos.

Online casino games can be segmented in three types of games such as Online Table games, Online Gaming Machines and Online Random Ticket Games. The machines of gaming such as online slot video as well as Video Poker are mostly played with a single player and do not have the involvement of a casino employee. The online Random Ticket Games such as Kino and Bingo depend on the choice of numbers which is either by the computer it by some other apparatus of gaming. The random numbering games are laid on a table.

When you learn to gamble in the online casinos like play-free-casino-slots, it is very important to keep in mind that the games in a casino are developed in such a way so as to grab money from you. That is why it is very important for the people who are new in this field that they practice on the internet before employing their money in the real casinos. The advantages of gambling for free online are huge.

You get to learn different methods of gambling, you can work a lot on your strategy building, you can improve your ability of gaming in a casino, you become familiar with the odds and also the skills which are important for winning in a casino. To gamble online you just need to go online and search for the games and start playing.

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Some of the Online Casinos demand for certain software’s to be downloaded which match to the website which is responsible for the wins, credits and losses. The most popular online casino games are the real time gaming, micro gaming and play tech. You need to be very careful while downloading these software as there are a lot of fraudulent websites which offer similar software. You just need to follow a few tips when you gamble online in order to be safe from frauds and scams. If you follow these tips, your chances of being trapped are reduced to a great extent.


poker-best-online-poker-sitesBluffing is an integral part of any poker game. It is basically deceiving your opponent and in the process compelling him to take an action or option for a move that he would not have taken otherwise if he would not have been bluffed. However, it is always not necessary to bluff your opponent in order to win a poker game.

Definitely a good bluff can nevertheless, make you win the game but let us see more about the bluffing aspect in this game.
As far as the frequency is concerned, you will find that a player who is new to the game tries his hands at bluffing even more as compared to a player who has been in this game for quite some time. This is because he is too eager to get hold of his prize and that is oftentimes a lot of cash. However, bluffing will not always make you win a game.

When to use a good bluff in the game?

Bluffing too often can only make you vulnerable to the moves that your opponent will make when he realizes that you are trying to bluff. There are certain ideal conditions in the game when you can try your hand at bluffing.

These instances include :

  • In the last position – In the event you are in the last position, it is even easier to bluff. Since you are the last one to act, it makes the condition ideal
  • When you are on draw – In case you are on a draw (flush or straight) you can go for the semi bluff strategy. Although in most of the cases, you can win at this instance itself, however, if you are called, you still stand a chance to win the game and go back home with the entire pot of cash. This is possible provided the next cards that you play are better than the previous one.
  • Small stacks – In the event your opponent possesses a small stack, it is quite likely that they will not call a raise until and unless the flop is hit hard.

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Experts or the experienced players usually state that only if you think that you will be able to win a pot of cash if you bluff should you try your hand at a poker game good bluff, else it may boomerang on you badly.

One of the most common benefits of bluffing at a poker game is what is known as “playing on tilt” when your opponent becomes frustrated when he discovers that he has been bluffed and starts playing in a haywire manner.

Poker Site

poker4Poker has always been a huge craze in US. Albeit the US gambling laws do not approve poker sites in their country, yet there are a bundle of poker sites from other countries that cater to US players. However, not all can guarantee the desired compatibility for the players. Thus, it’s best to take to a good poker directory site over the internet that can provide you a vivid picture on the different US friendly poker sites running online. Play USA Online Poker is one of the top notch names when it comes to US compatible poker site directories online.

The site has come up with detailed reviews on a great lot of poker sites for US players. The best part is that all the sites mentioned here have been played at by the directory site experts before they penned the reviews on them. Thus, you can be guaranteed of authentic and knowledgeable opinion. The reviewers are great 啤 牌 poker players themselves and have made it a point to present the visitors with complete unbiased reviews so that they can make their selections properly.

In regards to the US poker site reviews, Play USA Online Poker has highlighted on all the major aspects of the poker sites. You will find information on the site tournaments, the site traffic, the bonuses, the customer service as well as withdrawal and deposit options. There is also a highlight on the best parts of the site. If you want you will be able to play with the site through a link supplied by the directory site on the review page.

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The real poker aficionados are always looking for the best of poker sites. With that in mind, Play USA Online Poker has come up with a special section on best of US friendly poker sites. The reviewers here are all praise for Lock Poker which has achieved the No.1 status in the list. Lock Poker is closely followed by BetOnline and PokerHost. You will also find a special category for the different poker bonus schemes at offer from the reviewed sites.

Online Poker

PokerThe smart poker players are always in quest of a top notch online poker site. However, the mushroom growth of random poker sites makes it tough to pick the right one easily all by oneself. Thus, the experts always suggest taking to the poker directories online.

But how do you know that which is a trusted poker directory around? Well, here comes the significance of online poker portal directories. The post here describes how an online poker portal directory can be your best friend and advisor in your successful online poker venture.

It’s to mention here that the online poker portal directories come up with listings on different poker guides over the internet. Much like the poker sites, the poker directories too are huge in number and you have to select out a reliable name here which can guide you towards the best of poker sites.

But this calls for an extensive research on varied poker directories on your part which is really tedious and time consuming. Thus, it’s smarter to take the help of poker portal directories as here you will have the entire data of many poker directories under one roof.

The online poker portal directories provide considerable reviews on each of its listed directories. You will get to know the launch, accolades and the types of sections included in the directories. What more, you will even get a link on the review page which will take you straight to the directory site- from where you will be able to fish out the right poker casino for you.

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However, the online poker portal directories are not only about the poker site review platforms over the internet. It’s true that these are mainly focused on the review directories but also accommodate the poker guides online. Poker guides refers to those poker-themed websites which hosts informational resources about the game, including articles on the poker rules, strategies and bets. Thus, your visit to an online poker portal directory will not only help you in finding poker reviews- but would also assist you to have a thorough knowledge of the game.

Poker Online

poker2The Poker online have really become a boon for all those people who have a fetish for the stunning world of poker, blackjack, roulette and other casino games. Today, you do not need to go to Vegas to enjoy a game of Poker and apparently everything is available at the Poker online. It is a great source of earning money as well. Among the numerous Poker online games, poker is the most popular one. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is easy to learn and involves a good deal of money, thus perfect for novice players.

There are various kinds of poker games like Texas Holdem, Full Tilt, etc. The semantics of online poker is slightly different from the real ones as here you will be playing against virtual opponents sometimes and sometimes with other players who are located at some other part of the world. You can check out the various online tutorials provided at the Poker websites itself to know the rules of the game. All the details about the game, its table rules, bonus options, etc. are clearly mentioned at the Poker online sites. There are exclusive guides for first timers to ensure that they can play and win money.

There are a certain things that you need to keep in mind while playing online poker.

  • Go through the tutorials or eBooks available at various Poker websites to know the online gambling rules.
  • If you are not fond of reading, choose a good free Poker online and play the free poker games.
  • Always go with low stakes when you are playing at the initial level and gradually increase the stake.
  • After a good deal of search and review, choose the Poker online site for playing poker. Fraudulent sites are available in plenty so you need to watch every step carefully.
  • Learn the initial and most basic poker winning strategies and then step into the arena of gaming.

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For a newbie, it is very important to get used to the online semantics of poker and the free Poker online are the best place to master this art. So, first learn the game and then enjoy poker full heartedly.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Poker is one of the most famous casino games. It is not only easy to comprehend but also a perfect game for the novice gamblers. A good deal of money can be won by playing poker right from the initial level. Apart from money, you can play poker for fun as well. The best part is that you can never get bored of poker due to its numerous variations. Texas Holdem Poker is one such form of poker which is quite interesting, offers a good deal of bonus and you can practice it online using the guidelines.

If you believe that luck really favors you and it is on your side, then Texas Holdem poker is something you should never miss. You can know about the odds and probabilities at the online poker rooms. Playing a few free games will help you to practice and know how to place the odds. You can sign up with a good free casino where you will be allowed to play for free.

Once, you know about the odds and deals, you can leap into the arena of real money game. The guidelines and rules offered by the online casino websites are really helpful. You can also speak to experienced gamblers and know about new tricks of playing Texas Holdem Poker.

Some websites even allow players to download the poker game and practice for free. This ensures that when you join the online poker room, you are well versed with the odds and bets of Texas Holdem Poker as per the online gambling world.

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You just need to be good with numbers to catch the odds and calculate hand winning probabilities, ensuring you are in profit. You first need to know how to count the outs and then odds followed by calculating probabilities.

Probability in Texas Holdem Poker is counted by following the 4 and 2 rule in which 4 will be multiplied to the outs for each ‘flop’. For calculating the odds, you will need to keep in mind the size of pot, bet and number of players still remaining in the hand. Whether you will continue a Texas Holdem Poker hand will be determined by these factors.

Full Tilt Poker

poker_cardsOnline poker rooms and online poker websites are available in plenty these days but finding the right website is a gruesome task. Among the various poker gaming websites, Full Tilt Poker has made a remarkable mark in this field. The site offers some of the finest poker playing options and ensures that the gaming experience is memorable for every player. The website was launched in the year 2004 and there has been no looking back since then. The list of players in this website boasts some really famous gamblers name which has increased the popularity even more. Some of the most useful features offered by Full Tilt Poker are:

  • Numerous tutorials, guidelines and rules to learn to play poker.
  • Chat options with experienced players and experts to enhance your skills and knowledge about the game. Chatting can be done with other players present in the poker room to facilitate communication and create a networking environment.
  • Play with the pros and professionals to learn new tricks from them and understand different game styles.
  • All the players from America are accepted.
  • High security system to ensure safety of players and their money. High standard encryption techniques to safeguard data.

Software Features

The finest software available in the industry is used which offers:

  • Multi table play option with maximum limit of 8 tables.
  • Hand history visibility.
  • Notes of players and statistics.
  • Fantastic options for customizations.
  • High quality graphics for faster and smoother games.
  • Different sound options and animations to give the real feel of the game.

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Bonus and Jackpots
A soon as you sign up with Full Tilt Poker, you get bonus up to 100 % and also the benefit of a promotion code. You can win huge amount of rewards with each game. The main agenda of Full Tilt is to ensure no player returns empty handed. Monthly jackpots are also there to give you the chance of winning huge rewards.

Transaction Features

The deposit and withdrawal options are very safe and easily accessible. The main transaction options include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • InstantDebit
  • Check options

Hence, if you wish to play at one of the largest online poker rooms, you can sign up with Full Tilt Poker without any tension.

poker games

poker_bannerIf you are good with numbers and have fetish for calculations, you can be a good poker player. The online casinos are now bringing the excitement of Las Vegas casinos right at your home through the World Wide Web. You can play various poker games, take part in tournaments and win huge jackpots and bonuses.

Online poker games are a great source of money apart from being very exciting and alluring. If you have even a slight faith on your luck, then you should try at the online casino and poker gaming websites and poker rooms. You will be spellbound by seeing how these online casinos can bring the entire world of casino players together under one roof.

  • You need to play at the free or no deposit casinos to sharpen your skills. In these casinos you get exposure at the global platform and can play along with professional gamblers too. This will help you to learn and plan new strategies and winning ideas. Your calculation abilities will also develop drastically.
  • Learn to place the odds and bets. You must know to count the outs and then place odds with proper calculation. The most important thing to keep in mind while playing poker is the size of the odds and how many people are still playing in the hand.
  • You need to learn and calculate the probabilities of winning each hand quickly. You need to master this art as your entire game will depend on this.
  • Know about different rules for different versions of poker and start with low stakes.
  • Choose the right online casino and poker rooms as fraudulent websites are available in plenty. Do not place large stakes without proper verification of the online poker room.

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As poker comes in different versions and variations, you must be well equipped with all the tricks and strategies about this game. After crossing the initial stage, you cannot win without the help of the right strategies.

The poker wining strategies are available at the online casino websites, review sites and other poker room news sites. Here are the basic 5 advanced poker strategy tips that will help you to learn more about the game and make tons of money.

Online Poker

Online PokerAre you a lover of the online poker culture and dream about going to Vegas someday for enjoying the games? Well, now all this fun can come right within your reach with the online poker. You can play all your favorite casino games and even make a good deal of money. Do you think that you have never visited a casino for real, so, it is not possible to play online poker? Well, you can clear this misconception as now online casino guides are available to help you out in every stage of the game.

One of the most popular casino games is poker and the scenario is same as the online version as well. The game is just appropriate for the novice gamblers and is very exciting which intrigues most of the players. Online poker is based on numbers and probabilities, so anybody with a fetish for the subject of calculations will surely love poker. The numerous variations in the game make it more alluring and you can make a good deal of money out of it. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules and keep in mind certain strategies to win the games at the initial level.

You can get all the details about poker and its variations at the online poker guides. These guides are available at any good or reputed online casino website. You can visit the poker rooms to know more about different poker playing strategies, tricks of winning hands, bluffing techniques, etc. The casino news and review websites also offer a good deal of enlightenment on the semantics of poker. The online poker guides are comprehensive, reliable and helpful in winning money. You can learn to calculate the pot odds or the probabilities by reading various game incidents mentioned in the guides.

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The guidelines are given by experts and professional players who share their experiences and tales about poker games. By going through these guidelines you can develop good skills of playing poker. Some guides offer poker game download option for practice sessions. You can also play the free games offered by the online guides to get the real feel and a more comprehensive idea about the entire gaming techniques.
Online poker, or slots, are extremely popular at online casinos across cyberspace. You should try online pokies with the primary benefit of playing as much as you want from the comfort of your own home.

online casino

PokerOne may well be simply by the on the web casino as well as the additional by the actual payment solutions provider. Inside such any case typically the more strict of the actual limits will certainly apply. This particular might seem harsh, however isn’t. Possessing playthrough specifications merely offsets the on the web casinos’ threat and safeguards them through the type of people who have not signed in simply for you to enjoy on their own. It is actually an motivation system developed to motivate free online casino games for fun.

To confuse matters the bit, several online casino dens assign rates to particular of right now there games in which make these people count far more or much less towards some sort of player appointment the gaming demands. Intended for example, really common regarding slots to be able to be really worth 100% – every guess the gamer makes usually takes them deeper to conference the focus on.

But some other games these kinds of as online casino typically get a a lot lower proportions. For example of this, if the particular Poker proportion was forty percent, then each bet associated with $100 might only count up $40 to the targeted. This can be the condition with many top free casino games.

Will be certainly something that will happens together with people who also score large wins inside the on the internet casino entire world that an individual see above and around again. You are going to hear regarding it along with any kind of huge free online casino sites. Really an celebration that occurs often, as well as it will certainly continue in order to happen regarding the sleep of moment.

The occasion we’re communicating of is usually someone successful a substantial jackpot as well as then getting broke inside an silly amount involving time. In this article we need to display you just how you can easily plan in advance so that will if anyone do obtain lucky and also pull lower the huge one, you will be ready to notice some good results in the particular long-term alternatively of simply the interim.

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Here’s just how an individual can play free slots for fun. Someone may win any life-changing quantity of dollars, and that they have simply no experience handling such any large quantity of funds. It appears like that will final forever since individual spending don’t look like any significant section of the particular sum which was gained.

However, men and women tend for you to start investing more funds by creating more spending of increased prices. This kind of creates the spending speeding that will go through the actual money more rapidly than a person think this is, along with eventually almost all of this is eliminated.


CasinoA specific kind of enchanting spell will come over a person when you head into a casino, particularly if you’re at a gambling house inside a community like Las Vegas. Chances are, you are all decked out. Presently there will be sophisticated style shining all about, and also the lamps are usually bright, the tunes actively playing and the booze is usually flowing. You have got money in your pocket, and the expectation associated with leaving behind having much more. It’s a leisure task and also a friendly one. Presently there might even be artists within the variety of comedians, music artists, plus more.

Going to a casino could be a large amount of fun, but it also needs a lot of money and also work to get there, especially if you do not dwell around one. For example, chances are, you will need to buy plane tickets, produce reservations, employ a nanny as well as take the pet dog to your dog kennel.

Exactly how much improved might it be in the event you go to one of the many new online casinosand have just a little practice right away? There are many legal casinos online that let you engage in quite a few of a great number of gaming activities. The youngsters and see TV in the next area, and there is no rule that says you have to for you to even rise up out of your couch.

Many people are interested in actively playing gambling establishment activities from their home. They appreciate the thinking behind the familiarity, level of privacy and also convenience, however from time to time they’re a little puzzled regarding precisely how the procedure works. For a case in point, they found out about free no-deposit casino bonuses, although are certainly not 100% sure just what it means. How can you play casino gambling games with no financial deposit? Precisely what is a good casino benefit? In reality, they may be the same. It often functions in the exact way.

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To permit a guy to acquire the skills to perform some and also to discover what the online play is like, they’re just extended the option to play in the beginning with no depositing cash. Such individuals have fun with what is called “house money,” that’s made available to these individuals as bonus items with regard to free play on registration.

The level of the particular bonus changes from web site to website, however it’s normally enough to get started, and even to succeed somewhat, and definitely to acquire the hang of how it operates. You will may see more no-deposit casinos at this site right here. Most folk find they like to attempt some and then normally, these people settle in with just a few web sites which grow to be their own favored spots to look any time getting to play on the web.



One may well be through the online casino and also the some other by the actual payment companies provider. Inside such the case typically the more strict of typically the limits can apply. This particular may possibly seem harsh, nevertheless isn’t. Possessing playthrough specifications basically offsets the online casinos’ chance and shields them through the type of people who have not signed upon simply to be able to enjoy by themselves. It will be an motivation system developed to really encourage free online casino games for fun.

To mess with matters some sort of bit, a few online internet casinos assign proportions to selected of right now there games that will make these count a lot more or a lesser amount of towards some sort of player appointment the gaming demands. With regard to example, is actually common regarding slots for you to be really worth 100% – every guess the gamer makes requires them better to getting together with the focus on. But some other games this sort of as Texas holdem typically get a very much lower proportions.

For illustration, if the particular Poker proportion was forty percent, then every single bet involving $100 might only count number $40 toward the concentrate on. This is the scenario with many top free casino games.

There is certainly something which happens together with people who have score major wins inside the on the internet casino planet that anyone see more than and above again. You are going to hear concerning it using any kind of large free online casino sites. Really an function that takes place often, as well as it will certainly continue for you to happen with regard to the relax of time period.

The function we’re conversing of is usually someone successful a enormous jackpot along with then becoming broke in an ridiculous amount involving time. Below we need to demonstrate you precisely how you can easily plan ahead of time so in which if anyone do acquire lucky along with pull lower the huge one, you will be capable to notice some achievement in typically the long-term alternatively of merely the immediate.

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Here’s precisely how a person can play free slots for fun. Someone will certainly win the life-changing total of funds, and that they have absolutely no experience handling such any large volume of cash. It appears like that will previous forever simply because individual buys don’t look like some sort of significant part of the actual sum in which was received.

However, individuals tend to be able to start wasting more dollars by creating more acquisitions of increased prices. This specific creates the spending speed that moves through typically the money more rapidly than anyone think the idea is, as well as eventually many of the idea is removed.

Casino Online

Initially, decide prime rated casino online to play and try for the top rated, they are guaranteed to be felt. In different words, they need lots of loyal patrons. Moreover for purchasers order that they will not resort to black ways like rigging their casino online games. It’s pretty straight forward to return across the leading online casinos within the virtual marketplace, particularly after you shrewdness to use your search tools.

Secondly, scan the location rules relating to the games fastidiously before you play. If you’re feeling like there are stuff that you simply do not perceive, do not play till you’ve had them cleared out. Rise around from your friends or relatives if anyone has tried enjoying at that web site.

There are some online casino games such as:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Wild Jackpots Casino
  • Go Wild Online Casino and so on.

Boost Up Points In Casino Online

All of the new player’s are eligible for the Free Bonus on condition that they need never registered victimization the casino before. After connection the casino you’ll be able to go on to claiming your free reward and after you do, the Free Play amount as laid out in the bonus can become. A lot of individuals don’t seem to be too keen on making an attempt them out as a result of the concern that they will be conned.

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However, there also are those that are quite lucky with these games. Thus, there also are some that have adult quite hooked into these online games. The trick is often to act quickly, thus you’ll be able to wager the bonus as repeatedly as potential throughout the Free Play amount then to aim to win even as a lot of cash that you simply can typically the quantity of credits accumulated over the Free Play amount on top of the first amount are usually viewed as your winnings and for you to stay.

The noise factor relating to a Free Play Bonus is often that though you’ll lose and you balance enters into the negative, you may not feel the forcefulness of it and this can be just like water underneath the bridge.

online casino

Poker player going "all in" pushing his chips forward

The first and foremost thing that everyone needs to know about the online casino is that they are run by automatic technological systems and not by a man behind your screen. Many have the doubt that someone is responsible for the game and they are cheating them behind the screen. This idea is only because of the reason that the people cannot able to see real person or organiser standing in front of then when playing the online casino games.

The next important thing is that everyone needs to know about the casinos are the fact that the many casino games are just organised by the random generators which normally works on a complex algorithm and so it is reliable than a person in general. So compared to land based casinos the online casino is far better and safe.

The spins that are given for free can be used in the area of working and sharpening your gaming knowledge. So this feature can be used as a trial pack and this serves the purpose well. Many online casino sites are offering around 100 spins that is more than enough for the player to get some details about the game. But at the same you do not think that there is no possibility for earning because you have the double option of learning and earning.

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These online casino games have been attracted and well liked by the adults within the recent years. However, for somebody who’s unaccustomed these games, there could be a tangle in turning the tide in your favor. Still, these being games of probability, you actually have to be compelled to take a number of risks. A lot of individuals don’t seem to be too keen on making an attempt them out as a result of the concern that they will be conned.

However, there also are those that are quite lucky with these games. Thus, there are some that have adult quite hooked into these online games. Currently so as to grasp these games higher, let’s have associate example like online casino. All it takes is for you to be diligent and scour the correct resources.


online gamble

dealerThere are many players who are ready in playing online gamble games each time. Right now there are many options present to meet up excellent wins. The participation in betting game is preferred in maximum level and each time there will be loads of success to attain up. All youngsters will increase up their ideas in different level and each time there will be loads of chance in play system. Each player will look for complete game win system.

Almost all players will enhance their game wins in different aspect each time. There are loads of players who are ready in choosing difficult gaming levels. Right now all players will choose up difficult game play and each time there will be various players who may always extend their ideas in winning strategy. All game will not seem to attain quick wins.

Excellence of game play

The supremacy game play is preferred in large level and each player will choose up different game play systems. All players will be completely different and at wide often times there will be many options present at a high level. Nowadays, most players will understand the gaming and move on reaching wins in quick way. All players will extend up their practice at a high range.

Each player will choose up different gaming and move on to next game levels. The frequent game participation will help out maximum players to reach up goals in effective way. Right now there are many possibilities to meet up Judi Bola in quick ways. All players will keep on participating in online gamble games.

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Right now there is huge analysis made in excellent ways. And probably all people will choose the best game play and learn effective game tricks. The implementation of online gamble game tricks is most important each time.

Simple gamble games

Gambling games is always interesting and in most often times there will be great facts which may create interesting all the time. Probably all players will meet up quick success at a high range all the time. Moreover there will be various ideas that come in excellent ways each time. Now this is considered to be the most right one and each player will automatically gain out success with online gamble game play. All players will choose gaming play in various way. In further game participation all players will choose various gaming level each time.



There are numerous varieties of poker online games available at wsop. Now you can play in poker online rooms. No doubt that is a spirited game in which players try to win in the particular tournament even though there are numerous competitors available there. The players slowly advance from first level to the second and then to the third level in this card game if they are capable to place their bets strategically and win each round continuously. Player who wins every round will become the jackpot winner of the particular tournament.

Once you enter the poker room you must take your seat on the poker table and get some chips or coins which you would use in the particular game for placing bet. Though there are several sources available in online to promote the poker games, affiliate marketing revolves as the right one. With the help of affiliation poker marketing program, most of the poker game providers are promoting top money making games very easily.

To know the rules of particular poker game and gaining some skills to play poker, tournaments are helpful to make constant winnings in the poker online games. Ability to take right decision is the imperative factor of poker online and it is gained only if the strategies behind the game are known.

Various types and styles of gaming strategies are available in poker online and it varies according to the personalities involved in the poker games. Many different ways are probable to make win in the poker games. If players apply some of the basic skills and find out the best strategy, they can implement it in the tournaments and get success in a quick way. Mathematics of such kind of game is the most significant in taking the right decision and players must know about the proper move during each step.

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To promote such wonderful poker game, most of the gaming sectors are undergoing lot of marketing techniques. No doubt those poker game providers can invite the gamblers and poker lovers easily with the help of affiliate marketing.

If you want to win a lot of money by playing poker games, using our poker analyzer to gamble poker games is an easy way for you to master the whole poker cheat in the casino.

Texas Hold’em Poker

awwrThe blocking bet is a good weapon in texas hold’em poker but only if you know how to use it. There are certain situations when a blocking bet shows weakness and you can take down the pot with a reraise or bluff.

As always, I show you an example from a hand when my opponent used the blocking bet really bad. The table is full ring $0.5/$1 and I sit in 6th position with ♣Q♣K. Everyone folds before me and I decide to bet $3. The players behind me fold, just like the small blind, but the big blind makes the call. The pot is $6.5 and the two of us will see the flop.

♥A♠7♣2 hits the board and my opponent checks. I go on with a continuation bet and lead out with $3.5. My opponent thinks for a while and after all, he makes the call. At this time I can put him on a weak ace, on a seven or some kind of a low pocket pair. I do not suppose he would call me with high cards only, without an ace. With a higher ace in his hand he would have probably reraised me preflop.

The same is true if he had a high pocket pair. The board is also very dry (there are no draws out there) so he has to have something. His call does not show much value but I do not have anything besides high card king so I will slow down if the turn does not help me. The pot is $13.5.

The turn is the ♦6. This card did not change anything (except if he has pocket sixes). My opponent checks. Since the turn card did not change anything it seems my opponent is still ahead. If it was a higher blind level No-Limit Hold’em game I would go ahead and shoot a 2nd barrel to take the pot. The situation is totally different in a low limit game.

I do not like overcomplicate things. In low limit texas hold’em poker most of the players think quite simple: if they have something they call, if they have nothing they fold. Therefore I do not see any reason to bluff because my opponent would call me and I would lose more money. I can basically finish the hand now. Although if a king or a queen comes on the river I can think whether it makes sense to lead out. I check and the pot remains $13.5.

The Texas Hold’em Poker river card is ♦J and my opponent bets $2.5. Now this is an interesting bet. If he checked I would probably check behind him and most likely lose the pot. But what kind of hand does it take to bet so small? My check on the turn shows weakness. So he definitely could lead out with a bit larger bet if he had an ace. Or he could check with a low ace and intend to call with it. If he has jack he can also go for a check-call. This $2.5 just does not make any sense to me. It is as if he wanted to tell me: “I have a pair but it is so small that I would like to have a showdown without investing much money.” I put him now on a seven or a small pocket pair. I think a bit about the hand and reraise to $13. He thinks a couple of seconds and folds his hand. I take down the $18.5 pot.

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My play was nothing special and a better player on a higher level would have called it about 50% of the time. If my opponent did not make this small blocking bet on the river I would not have got the extra information about how weak his hand is and would not have won the pot. His wrong decision won the hand for me along with an additional $2.5. As you see, you have to find the right spot and make the right play. In this case a bluff was enough to win with a king high.


aww111Beginner poker players often start playing poker with play money instead of real money. I do not say you have to play with your salary because it is crazy and stupid, but playing with play money does not make any sense. Even if you do not know the poker rules it is ok to try poker and have fun for 1-2 hours with play money but then it gets boring.

The problem with play money is that you (and all others at the table) have no interest in winning while there is no money or price involved in the game. When play poker without money, you cannot lose any money either. This brings us to the conclusion that you do not risk anything and it does not matter if you play with a good strategy or you go all-in every hand.

If you only play on a $0.01/$0.02 cash game table, there is something to win and there will not be 3-4 players pushing all-in preflop like they do it on play money tables. On a play money table you just cannot develop your skills as the conditions are not even close to real money tables. Therefore I suggest you play on $0.01/$0.02 tables and not with play money.

There might be one play money poker game you should try. On several poker sites there are freeroll tournaments. The beginning of these tournaments is not better than play money games but later on when you are getting close to the money you can really learn a lot as the remaining players want to win too.

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By playing tournaments you can learn many different situations: pot odds calculations, all-in spots, blind stealing etc. If you can invest a little money, you can play for $1+$0.10 or $2+$0.20 buy-in tournaments and learn a lot from playing with a minimum investment.

You cannot play sit&go’s for free but you can find them for $1+$0.10 and $2+$0.20 and get experience fast. Sit&go’s are similar to tournaments but they are single table tournaments so they are perfect for practicing final table situations.


PokerNowadays there are so many poker sites on the market that new poker players have great promotion options to choose from. Many do not realize that players who do not want to change sites still have great promotion options without having to register new accounts.

First, let’s see the options for new players. If you start playing poker, your main consideration should be the rakeback when registering your new account. Even if you are losing, rakeback can turn everything upside down and change you into a winning player. It can be such a high revenue source that you should not underestimate it.

You will get it forever from the site you register at. When you see that one site gives 30% rakeback while the other 33% you might think the difference is small. That is a false assumption. In the long run this 3% has a very significant meaning. So when you see on the sites that you can choose between a couple of hundred dollars sign-up bonus and lifetime rakeback offer, do not think much about it. Rakeback is definitely the right choice.

The second group of promotion options applies to players with an existing account and also to new players. One is the rake races offered by several sites. This can also be a main revenue source if you play a lot. The different sites offer very different rake races. The top spots are worth thousands of dollars in cash each month. If you play many hours a day this extra source of revenue is for you! If you do not play much or you play on very small stakes then you do not have to consider this option.

Reload bonus is the most common way of promotions. Almost every (if not every) site sends emails on a regular basis about their reload bonuses. This is an option you have to take an advantage. It does not matter if you are a new or veteran player. Most of the times these 50% reload bonuses are a great chance to make some extra cash.

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There is only one fact you have to pay attention to: on certain sites you cannot make withdrawals until you have used all of your reload bonus. If you still make a withdrawal you lose the rest of your bonus. For this reason the best you can do is to always make withdrawals when you have money on your poker account that you do not need. When you get your email you can make a deposit right away and you do not have to make a withdrawal until you take advantage of your full bonus.

There are various other promotion options which are unique site by site. These include poker shops where you can buy different products, tournament tickets etc. Loyalty levels are also common promotion tools. Based on the amount of rake you made last month, you can take a seat on special freeroll tournaments where you do not have to pay an entry fee.

Online Poker

aweqThis article is not going to be highly analytical but is still interesting. A very common topic among online poker players is whether the software is cheating or not? The players who lose tend to say the program cheats because they want to keep the beginner players in the game. The professionals say it does not matter what the software does because online poker is about reading skills and bluffs.

Until the recent months I also believed software do not influence anything. However, what is lately happening is getting “funny”. It is normal that when I have KK I either run into AA or lose bad time. Any preflop all-in against my KK wins. TT, 66, AJ, it does not really matter what they have. They just hit! But the last time was the best. I raised from late position with KK and the big blind reraised.

I pushed all-in and he quickly called. He had 96 suited. Flop: 995, turn: 6… No comment. And the software helped such an idiot again. I mean there are bad streaks of course. Although sometime these streaks should end! Maybe in another lifetime I can win with KK.

The coinflips are the same. I lost at least 10-15 in a row. It does not matter if I had the AK or the pair. It always ended up the bad way. Even better when I go all-in with AK and get called with AQ. I would be surprised if once a K came on flop and not a Q. Or nothing (no K or Q) is also a nice option once in a while.

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When someone says such things do not happen live the other side says: yeah, but in online poker there are a lot fewer hands in the same time period. While that is also true, just jokes have not happen to me in live games. KK vs. 96… I thought finally an all-in that I cannot lose. Well, I learned again: first wait what comes on the board and only then celebrate!

What can you learn from this article? Not much. I only advise you to take online poker as a free time activity and do not make your life dependent on a revenue where the software decides a lot of money. It might be the right time for me as well to play tournaments again, a bad beat there does not have such an effect on my bankroll.